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Reader feedback on Every Parent’s Nightmare goes to the heart of the Jock Palfreeman story.

From Kay Danes,

I just finished reading your book ‘Every Parent’s Nightmare’. Such an incredibly sad story that I believe is a must read for anyone contemplating travel overseas! As a fellow author, I would like to personally congratulate you on your research that was both extensive and impressive. No doubt you faced many challenges, considering the sheer impossibility most researchers have gaining access to files when legal avenues are still underway. Your tenacious determination against so many brick walls really speaks volumes for your ability to get a story told. You have presented Jock Palfreeman’s story in a way that captures the complexities of the foreign judicial process and the desperation of a young man trying to make sense of his new, unfortunate reality. This combined with a tragedy that has befallen both families, neither of which will ever be the same. You engaged them with care and a great deal of sensitivity. I sincerely commend you on a job well done!’

From Norrie Little

Just finished the book (on Jock); couldn’t put it down. Many thanks to Belinda-fantastic piece of journalism. Left with many complex thoughts about Jock’s case (and indeed Jock himself). The undoubted ‘miscreant’ in this case is the Bulgarian court system.’

From David Morland

Quite by chance I picked up Every Parent’s Nightmare. I am so pleased I did. A brilliant and remarkably insightful book. Moving, disturbing and gripping. My heart ached as page followed page. So much detail and yet the narrative was riveting. I could not put it down.

Your title captures the whole sad scenario ‘nightmare’. Your astute portrayal of the key characters made me feel as if I had met them personally. Simon and Jock in particular.

Thank you for tells (sic) this painful story. A story that I would have known next to nothing about but for your book.’

From Maggie Robertson

… I was spellbound by your story…  As a mother of two adult sons I was acutely conscious of ‘ the hair’s breath’ placed between a young man retaining freedom and not. So often I would remind my two sons and now deliver the same message to my two grandsons who are 10 and 11 of how vulnerable to the vissisitudes of society they are. I don’t believe they or any young males understand this until it is either too late or are well into adulthood and perhaps even parents themselves. So Jock’s case touched a nerve with me also.

The frustrating thing is that it appears nothing more can be done which will lead to reversing the finding or resulting in his release…  However, for me the most important element of this story that is indeed that other human beings did care and were prepared to pay a huge price in support of someone they did not even know. Thankyou for reminding me of Kant’s categorical imperative.

I have been deeply touched by the way in which you presented a complex issue simply and in a readable and captivating fashion. Despite the necessity to outline the case you also evoked the emotions that obviously impacted on all parties.’

From Alison Plasto

I had heard of the Palfreeman family and knew something of Jock’s story, but it wasn’t until I started reading Belinda Hawkins‘s page turner that I truly understood the magnitude of this terrible injustice.

Every Parent’s Nightmare is written in the style of a crime thriller. As we lurch from witness account to testimony to trial, Belinda sets a frenetic pace. Yet against the clock, a deep, dark sense of foreboding unfolds as we travel through the Bulgarian legal system.  More than once, you will cry out with indignation. But you keep reading anyway, you must. For Jock.

Every corner of Sofia is covered, thanks to Belinda’s meticulous research and skill at recreating conversations. Five years in the making, you’ll feel like you were at the scene, in the middle of St Nedelya Square, wanting to give your version of events…Wishing this nightmare would end for everyone involved.’

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