Hristo Monov’s Outburst in Parliament

Hristo Monov shouting in Parliament

Bulgarian media are reporting that  Burgas MP, Hristo Monov was suspected of being drunk after he broke into a noisy rant in Parliament.

Shouting ‘Liars’ across the chamber, Monov derided the opposition campaign to change Bulgaria’s electoral system which has been sullied by allegations that some petition signatures were falsified.  His performance can be seen here:

Monov was elected as a member of the now ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party in last year’s election  called after claims of government and judicial corruption.

He features as a key player in the courtroom drama detailed in Every Parent’s Nightmare and was quoted in the run up to last year’s election as saying that if elected he would do all that he could to stop Jock Palfreeman from being transferred to an Australian prison. Palfreeman was found guilty of murdering Monov’s son, Andrei and sentenced to 20 years.

When later asked about his behaviour in Parliament, Hristo Monov claimed his outburst was a ‘game’ he played in order to be heard.

Protests erupted soon after the 2013 election when the new government,  lead by the BSP, made several controversial appointments, particularly that of the head of the secret services.

Monov quickly became a figure of ridicule when he described protestors as ‘internet lumpen’ (idiots).

With protests ongoing for more than one year, calls for the current government to resign seem to have finally been heard. A general election is expected in early October.

Protesting in Sofia 2013 Photographer: Boryana Dzhambazova
Protesting in Sofia 2013
Photographer: Boryana Dzhambazova



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