Human Rights Practices in Bulgaria

The annual American State Department report into Bulgaria’s human rights practices describes the marginalisation of Roma  or Gypsies as a pressing problem.

The 2013 report says that corruption has undermined public and business confidence in the judiciary and other government institutions.

It raises concerns about overcrowding and lack of resources in Bulgarian prisons.

The report also notes a myriad of complaints  of possible human rights abuses. “There were also long delays in the judicial system; reports of abuse of wiretapping; religious discrimination and harassment; harsh conditions in refugee centers; violence and discrimination against women; violence against children; increasing online anti-Semitism; trafficking in persons; discrimination against persons with disabilities; discrimination against members of the Romani and Turkish ethnic minorities; and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons and persons with HIV/AIDS.”

According to the report the government’s attempts to prosecute and punish officials in the security services and elsewhere in the government who committed abuses have been insufficient, and impunity remains a problem.

The report in full can be read here:

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